Roger X-Large Black Bear


Our extra large, extra snarly black bear was a special request from Roger in Montana. We decided to add him permanently to our product line, and named him 'Roger'.

His thick plush fur is smooth and silky black. He is posed looking to the right with his mouth wide open in a super snarl. Firmly stuffed with non-allergenic polyfill, he will arrive ready to hang and enjoy almost anywhere. Good companion mounts for him are Vinnie, Cliff, Tatanka, and Jack.

PRODUCT SPECS: Roger is sculpted and finished as a big game shoulder mount. Depth from nose to wall is 18". Girth around the back shoulder is 42". Top to bottom is 15", and his width side to side is 13"

We regularly ship internationally. If you are ordering from outside the US, please contact us and we will be happy to make arrangements for Roger's safe journey!

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